Worry about Customs? They can help you!

In the last post I have explained you some tips about Customs procedures when you arrive in Bermuda.
I hope that this can help some of you. I have to say that Bermuda Customs has a very efficient e-mail service where you can ask everything you need.
I have sent maybe around 10 emails last days and they have responded to all, with kind answer!

So now I want to give a list, (they give me by e-mail) of some good things that you don’t have to pay duties for.

Non Duitable things

• Cigars 50
• Cigarettes 200
• Tobacco 0.5 kg
• Wine/Champagne 1 litre
• Spirits 1 litre
• All other goods $100.00 BMD

And also there are other …

– prescription drugs
– condoms
– adult incontinence aides
– artificial teeth
– hearing aids, artificial limbs
– pacemakers
– wheel chairs, walkers for the disabled
– crutches, splints
– surgical belts
– reading books, magazines
– computer software/games
– ceramic/porcelain/china tableware and kitchenware
– packaged seeds for sowing

Regarding Clothes I have to make some precisation. In first you have to know that you don’t pay duties only for your used clothes so if you buy something new before arrive in Bermuda, you have to pay for it!!
Be quit, and always keep with you an invoice (if you have one) of the actual price of your duitable stuff, so you will not have problems with the Customs.

Hope this can help you to spent a good time in the Customs.

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