Work permits typologies in Bermuda.

During this days I see a lot of People asking in the forums, “What kind of work permits Bermuda government release?”, so I have decided to help you and give you a little brief regarding actual Bermuda’s work permits.


Part-Time Permit :

A Part-time permit, allows a person (who is still resident in Bermuda!!I) to work no more than 9 hours a week, also if the person isĀ  a tutor or something like that.

The application is around 293.00 $ (BSD).

Temporary Permit :

This kind of permit allow a person to be employed for a specific job, for no more than 3 months. In this case the person is considered like a visitor for Bermuda Government and there is no need to provide immigration questionnaire, x-ray chest and so on …

In this case that person can renew the work permit (by a request from the employer) only one time, for a maximum of total 6 months.

The application is around 293.00 $ (BSD).

Long Term Permit : (one year)

There are a lot of Long Term permits released by Bermuda Government, the first one is the classic one year work permit. If the person has to work for a period less than 18 months this is the right work permit.

The application is 587.00 $.

Long Term Permit : (more than one year …)

Ok I don’t want to explain all the kind of Long Term Work Permit. You have to know that there are a lot of, every one is distinguished by the period time of lease.
So check the table under there:

Period Min Period Max Period Application
1 Year 0 Months 18 Months 587.00 $
2 Years 18 Months 30 Months 1.174.00 $
3 Years 30 Months 42 Months 1.761.00 $
4 Years 42 Months 54 Months 2.348.00 $
5 Years 54 Months 66 Months 2.935.00 $


There are also other important notice and rules to know if you want to work in Bermuda Island. For example, you cannot request a work permit, only the employer can; also you cannot change your employer, It’s not easy!

You can also find useful information directly visiting the Bermuda Immigration web site, at this URL:

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