What I love about sell.bm!

Some days ago, thanks to the Royal Gazette article, I have discovered Sell.bm.

This is a fantastic site for your small commerce activity. I’m a Microsoft Senior Dev and also a Database Admin so I can talk with knowledge about techical arguments. So I want to make some point of interest about technical properties of Sell.bm web portal and the reason because for me, you have to try to use it!

  • First one, very good search engine. You can make a really text search and obtain results of what you are searching. So you can make a reseach about arguments, types or by tiping a simple text.
  • Second, you can make an order of the results! Yeah, normally this is not possible but with the Sell.bm’s list items, you are able to do it!
  • Third I like so much that in my lists I can view soon the price and a snapshot of the item, so I’m not forced to open every item to view the photos and also know the price.

For this reasons, I want to give to Sell.bm a +10 for the usability. In the future I will try to use it in a more stressful way, and I will remake a new post about it.

Stay tuned!

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