WebHost4Life, the worst Hosting Service.

Friday, June 18, 2010 8:15 PM

Oh, I am so glad that after 15 days of troubles and problems I am finally able to post again from my blog.

An this is just one of the new important news! But let’s start to shame on WebHost4Life.

I want to let you know that I am the owner of this domain, starting from the far 2003 and I had various Hosts in these years but I never had such a kind of problem.

Around January 2010 the crappy WebHost4Life started the tedious migration under the new Control Panel but this is not the true. They started to migrate manually user by user. I tried to post this migration until 15 days ago but then, when I renewed my subscription with them I started to have problems over problems.

First, the domain Raffaeu.com totally disappeared from my control panel, at that point I was not able anymore to receive e-mails, to host my blog and more … After 10 open tickets and a lot of money spent in calling them, I decided to block my payment with Paypal and open a formal claim.

You know what happened after that? They simply wiped everything. My files, my account, my e-mails and my SQL server. The only way to get back these files, that are mine, was to pay them an upfront of 143 USD.

After that they simply putted online again an old version of my blog and a mess in the database. All the emails are gone! I am sure about that because I use Subtext 2.2 and the version they restored was the 1.9. I did the migration to the version 2 more than 6 months ago ….

Now everything is fine for the simple reason that I moved to a new provider. Now I am using Discountasp.net and it’s pretty cool. In less than 1 day they contacted the registrar, changed my DSN and made everything working. I have also a cool IMAP provider for my mail accounts.

I am trying now to open a formal claim with all the other users that had the same problem I had as WebHost4Life doesn’t deserve to be a web host for the crap they are doing all around.

What I can suggest to you, if you are under them is to look for a new host and try to postpone the migration to the new platform as far as you can. Also remember to backup everything as it seems that they are totally incompetent …

There is still plenty of work to do. I lost most of my screenshots and files so you will find some problems reading my articles but I have a lot of backups so don’t worry, I will replace everything in few weeks.

Stay tuned as we are going back to talk about WPF and Prism again in few days. I have plenty of posts to share with you.

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