Time for changes.

Finally it seems I have found a way to have a full day of 48 hours. To do that you can just remove some hours of sleep, the kite-surf and stay all night long logged into your computer.

As many of you know, I’m a NET Developer (more than that) and I’m member (not active anymore) of one of the most famous Italian NET Community (http://blogs.ugidotnet.org). Reading the other blogs, I noticed that I’m the only one who is still working with the junky old system called Windows Form 2.0.

So, starting from today I will try to learn and use the amazing new framework released by Microsoft and called WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). In my blog I will try, as usually I do also for the other products, to share with you my experience using this product.

I hope everyone of you will have suggestions and idea to improve day by day my knowledge.

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