The Island of Bermuda.

As to start, Because in this forum I will post my new experience to my relocation to Bermuda, I think It’s correct to start by talking about this Island.

As you can look at the picture below, Bermuda is a small Island. Bermuda is a British territory overseas, in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s around 1800 Km far from Florida, south of Halifax. The territory is around 180 small island, and the total area is around 53 KmĀ°.

An History Brief

Bermuda was discovered by Europeans, around 1500, many books say around 1503. We are sure that was known by 1511 when Peter Martyr published his Legatio Babylonia, wich talks about Bermuda also.

For the next century, the island is believed to have been visited frequently but not permanently settled. Intentional settlement of Bermuda began with the arrival of the Plough, in 1612.

The Constitution of Bermuda came into force on June 1, 1967 and has been amended in 1989 and 2003. Defence and foreign affairs remain the responsibility of the United Kingdom, which also retains responsibility to ensure good government. It must approve any changes to the Constitution of Bermuda. Bermuda now exists as an overseas territory of Britain, but it is the oldest British colony. In 1620, a Royal Assent granted Bermuda limited self-governance, thus making Bermuda’s Parliament the fifth oldest in the world, behind only England, the Isle of Man, Iceland and Poland.


In the picture below you can find the actual Parishes structure of Bermuda Island.

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