Some Tips about Customs.

Bermuda Island is one of the most famous Island where there are low taxes. Yeah but this is not the reality when you came in Bermuda for Job.
There are some different situation when you MUST or you MUST NOT pay for your things.
So let’s start to explain the differences.

As a Visitor.

If you come in Bermuda as a simple Visitor, maybe for holiday or only for a Business week, you can carry with you what you need and also, what you want. You don’t have to pay for duties ..

As a Resident.

If you are resident in Bermuda Island, you know the Taxes Login better than I know, but I understand that normally, you have only 100$ of free duties, for the rest you have to pay!!

As a non Resident with Work Permit.

This is the most taxed category! If you are in program to spent some time in Bermuda with a work permit, yeah you have to pay for every thing you carry with you. The only one that are free of charge are:
Software, Book, Used Clothing. I have still to understand what they mean with Used Clothing but I hope to solve this problem soon!

How much are payable duties?

Normally for everything you carry with you in Bermuda the duties is around 25% of the Declared value. So if you have with you a Bag with new clothing and his value is around 2000$ you have to pay around 500$ of duties!! Very expensive.

If you need a more detailed explanation of How duties are evaluated in Customs, please feel free to visit the Bermuda Customs WebSite, where you can find what you are searching for.
Or better contact they directly, you will receive the correct answer for your question.

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