Reporting Services 2008 book.

Today I would like to spend some rows about a great book I have purchased on The book is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and the author is Brian Larson, edited by MC Graw Hill. This is the direct link: book on amazon.


Let’s spend just few words about.

  1. First of all in my opinion the book is really great because it covers all the section of reporting services, it doesn’t exclude nothing, really!
  2. Second point is the approach. Brian explain every report, step by step, by including some designer issue and trouble you can find during the execution of the tutorials. He also explain the SQL part, so if you have to run a GROUP BY, he will explain you what it is a GROUP BY.
  3. Third, the book is done from easy to hard. What does it mean? The first chapter is very easy and day by day by reading the book you will go to produce more complex reports.
  4. Finally the data sample. You can download from the web site the complete database sample that it’s really complex. This is great because when I started to read and use the tutorial, I spent just few minutes to install and run the database.

A very good job, a must into your shelf!!

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