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A lot of things are going here, on my side I am publishing two books about WPF and more in general about MVVM and Prism; on another side someone pretty cool (Karl Shifflett) has just released a new way of delivering tutorials and lessons within the Visual Studio 2010 UI, the tool is called InTheBox. Finally, the team of Patterns and Practices is making progress on Prism and a new drop has been released on Codeplex.

In The Box and Feature Builder

InTheBox is a new way of delivering mentoring through the UI of Visual Studio 2010. The idea has been introduced a while ago whit the plug-in for Visual Studio called Feature Builder; with this plug-in, you can create  dynamic guidance for your applications and deliver them with your Visual Studio solution templates or item templates.

The following picture is a screen shot of how it appears in Visual Studio 2010; if you are interested in learning MVVM this is a good starting point but I believe Karl and his great Team should put more information in the documentation attached with the MVVM Training kit.


I am personally using the core engine of Feature Builder power tools to deliver some guidance also in my office and I found the tool and the automation API delivered with Visual Studio 2010 pretty interesting; unfortunately, as usual, the documentation is pretty poor and it still lacks of features right now.


Prism V 4.0

Last month, more precisely, in the middle of November 2010, the team of Patterns and Practices has released a new version of Prism, the V 4.0 which is probably (in my opinion) the more stable and complete version of this amazing framework that allows you to build composite UI application with WPF or Silverlight.

The release has been announced here: and it’s available for download at the same address.

I am posting here some of the cool features that has been introduce with this release of Prism; feel free to go to the Codeplex community web site and have a look at Prism, trust me, Microsoft did a great job!

  • Prism is now available for WPF 4, Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7
  • It is delivered with the full source code and with all the assemblies already full signed
  • Well done and complete documentation plus sample applications for WPF and Silverlight

A big thanks has to go to Karl Shifflett which is making a great job on the PRISM community and also to me technical review David Hill which is another big of the team of Patterns and Practices.

My Books

Two or three weeks ago a friend of mine discovered that my books were available on Amazon for pre-order; I was personally shocked about that as no one of my editors told me anything about that.

By the way, now that the news is almost semi official I am going to publish in this post the two covers of my books. They are two total different books as they focus on two different things. The first one is released by MICROSOFT PRESS and it has been done in collaboration with David Hill (David is a Microsoft Solution Architect and right now is working at the team of PRISM in the Microsoft division of Patterns and Practices), which is my technical reviewer; it talks about architectural and UI patterns you should adopt when you build a LOB application with WPF or Silverlight. The second one is part of a new series of books APRESS is writing which is entitled “In context”; in this series and more precisely in my book, I talk about how to write, from scratch a dynamic and well done WPF application by using all the features available in Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2010.

As  you can understand, the first book is more an architectural book for an audience that has already worked with WPF or Silverlight while the second one is a for dummy book on WPF.

Said that, you should buy both and read them as soon as they will be available on Amazon the next Spring!! Smile

Building Enterprise Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation and the Model View ViewModel Pattern


Applied WPF 4 in Context




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