My Kite-Surf equipment.

Last week I have completed my first group of lessons at the Iko course. The level are tree: Discovery, Intermediate, Independent.

When you take the first lessons about the Discovery level, you don’t need a kite because your teacher will give you everything. But when you start the intermediate level, you start with kiting; and in my opinion, because every kite is completely different, i have decided to buy my personal kite, board, and various instruments.

My 5th line kite.

This is a new entry in kite-boarding, actually you can find only kites with 4 lines, but I have bought a brand new North kite 5 lines, the Rebel 08.

If you want to know all the differences from a classic 4 lines kite and my brand new Rebel 08 5th line, you can watch this interesting video:

The bar is awesome:

My safety equipment.

I didn’t buy only the kite with the bar, but also
the harnesses:

This is very important, because here you attach your kite!!!

Then I take also a impact vest, very useful if you have to swim a lot and also if you have to fall down from a bug height …

Finally, the helmet:

The board

The board actually is a second hand given by an Italian friend of mine relocated in London.

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