My Experience with Bermuda Customs.

Before starting to this fantastic Island, I have read a lot of forum, blogs and also personal experiences.

Anything was really true. I have prepared a long detailed list in excel format, with all my things inside, also Clothes, Electrical tools, Documents and more …

I have also prepared my suitcases separating every one thing in a Plastic bag, I have divided the suitcases by things typologies (Clothes, Health …) but when I was in the Customs …

First – don`t be aware about Customs, they are friendly, sunniest, and in special case they are very very kind and compressively.

Second – actually in Bermuda the law about import has changed a little bit. I haven`t paid anything duties. Yes now when you come in the Island as a worker, the first time you don`t pay duties so please don`t be aware.

Finally I want to please all stupid people that write fantastic evil stories about Customs to STOP. Bermuda is a fantastic friendly place, people are very kind and also Police and Immigration employees are very compressively with stranger.
I finally can say that I haven`t had problem in the Airport and I am very happy to finally be in a place where stranger are good accepted more than in other European Countries.

I remember to you for any kind of question go directly to Bermuda Customs web site (search in my old posts), and ask everything you are in doubt.

Have a nice experience to like mine!!

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