Microsoft Visual Studio and NET 3.5 Service pack. | Raffaeu’s blog


Yesterday Microsoft has published, for all the Microsoft MSDN subscriber, the new service packs for Visual Studio 2008 and NET framework 3.5.

The service pack for Visual Studio 2008 is here.

The service pack for NET 3.5 is here.

Additional Notes.

I have installed first the Service Pack for the NET 3.5 that is not really heavy. After the installation I have rebooted my computer and everything was still working.

The I have installed the approximate 893 Mbyte of VS08 SP1 that it’s really heavy. All the project continue to work.

I want also to put in evidence, for all the people that are working with WPF and/or Silverlight and/or MVC; everything will continue to compile after this update, don’t worry.

Enjoy the Download!!

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