Microsoft Office 2010 preview.

Today I have received an email from Microsoft Connect. Office 2010 suite is available for download. Of course is not a RC or RTM but just a beta preview of the final product. Available for download there are:

  • Office Professional x32 and x64
  • Visio, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath and the new SharePoint Workspace x32 and x64

The first thing you will notice is that now we have a real x64 office installation, so you can use a real x64 office system on your Windows 7 x64 (today is the official release of the RTM of Win 7 on MSDN).

Now, let’s have a fast overview of this new office.

As you can see the setup page is not changed from the 2007 version. It’s the same and also the options are the same.


Also the icons and the file extensions are not changed at all.
The splash screen is changed as you can see for Microsoft Word:


And it seems to be faster in the load process.
The interface has now a new design for the ribbons. The logic is pretty the same but the layout respects more the Windows 7 layout.


Outlook 2010 is changed a little bit. As always, in order to use your hotmail account Outlook will prompt you to install the Outlook 2010 connector. Nothing is changed for exchange.

You can now view the history of a mail message and follow up answers inside a tree-view:


Finally the additional change is in the start menu of each application. For example if you press the start button into outlook you will be prompted with this new ribbon menu, very intuitive:


Finally I had a first look at Microsoft Access 2010, that seems to be more flexible and reliable as a office small business database. There are now 2 different type of database: normal and web database as you can see here:

but the Office online template is still not working. I suppose because this is still a beta preview so the web site for office 2010 is still not ready. Also I have noticed that the title bar says “Office Access 2007 database” after I have created a new one.

I have also found this new option:

This option helps you a lot in creating a new master-details form, just in few steps. But I am still receiving some bugs notify …

This is the option page available for access:


Final consideration

In my opinion Microsoft is doing a great job. They provide for free a complete software like Office and trough our feedbacks, they will then release the final RTM version.

Like they did with Windows 7, the beta of Office is already stable and fast and I am really curious to have in my hand a final system with:

Windows 7 x64, Office 2010 x64 and Visual Studio 2010 x64. A real stable, fast and productive environment.

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