London Customs, learn from experience.

Incredible. If you remember one years ago there was a terrible incident in London underground for the terrorism.

Since that accident, London Customs has restricted so much their immigration policy and also their Customs rules.

The most incredible fact is that they didn`t accept one of my Portable USB HardDisk of 20 Gbyte. They say that my USB HardDisk didn`t pass their tests and maybe I can carry  inside that HardDisk some danger explosive!!

Ok I can understand their worries about terrorism, and so on, but It`s unbeliveble that in 2008 Customs in London doesn`t have any kind of instrument or tools for check inside an HardDisk.

So DAMM, I lose one of my HardDisk with Data and more … but because I`m a very precise man, I have carry with me 2 with duplicated data, so I lose only the HD but not properly the data inside.

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