I’m back, after a long time.

This sentence should not be misunderstood. I’m not back to Italy but I can finally say I’m back to my blog.

In these last months I was and I’m still a little bit busy. Working on a new system I designed with MS SQL 2008 and Reporting Services with Integration Services has keep me busy for the last 3-4 months.

But the plan for the 2009 has changed!!

My objectives for this year are 3:

  1. Complete my Certifications on SQL Server and complete the MCPD.
    I want to close this chapter of my professional life, I must complete my Certifications this year! No excuses!
  2. Enrich my blog with my experience in Team Management and in SQL Server. This year in Bermuda web site was very positive and productive for my skill and I want to share what I learned with you. I promise I will!
  3. Take a look around and try to understand if I can start something for me. I still don’t know what, well I have some ideas … but it’s too early now to publish what has to be secret, top-secret!

For the rest I really hope to have back my readers and to have back also your comments, I live for those!!

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