I got lucky this year, no end of the world.

2012, relocation(s)

In Spring 2012 we moved away from Bermuda after almost 5 years. The relocation has not been easy, after few months in Netherlands I got sick and I had to quit my job and take a long break. Unfortunately I didn’t take a serious break between Bermuda and Netherlands and my body couldn’t afford it. So, we decided to move to Italy and kite surf for a couple of months (which was quite successful and pleasant …) and take a break from any type of technology (phone, mail, web …).

It was a good break and overall I am quite happy I took it, even if it cost us a lot of money, being on vacation and not getting a revenue. But I personally believe that life is one and health and family come before everything else. That’s it.
Btw I also cured my problem and now I am back in shape and ready for my daily activities, which include this blog.

In November we decided to move back to Netherlands and I successfully signed a new contract for a position of Software Architect for Mproof, a Dutch Software House. The environment is really Agile and friendly and this is making me an “happy coder”. Plus I am working remotely with a team in Ukraine, which I recently visited. It was a nice trip and I was able to share some Agile workshops about SOLID and TDD. I am also quite happy seeing new coders embracing Agile without prejudices.

Recently I also attended the XP days (Agile conference) in Netherlands and I had the pleasure to interact with some Europeans coders and architects. I guess I would speak about Agile and NET, next year and the next XP days, not sure about what yet.

Unfortunately I had to quit a lot of extra activities for a while, such as “blog”, “open source”, “studying”, “certifications” and so on … I had some health problems and the laptop was one of my first enemies during these months so I couldn’t interact with technologies for a while until I was fine. My wife was very helpful during this time and we found in the kite surf a good cure for stress.

Overall expectations

Well, if you ask me now, I can easily say that at the beginning of 2012 we were not planning to leave Bermuda yet, especially for the economical crisis around the world. The relocation was a shock for the family because we were almost used to Bermuda were everything is “another world”, so you can imagine the shock after few months of city living. After we left Bermuda we had some plans but sometimes reality is much different and you need to “adapt” your plans to reality.

  • I completed my IASA certification and in my backlog there is my third book.
  • I couldn’t complete the code of my previous books but my readers can now access all my code on TFS 2012.
  • I finally complete my learning process on kite surfing, even if I can’t jump yet, and I found it a really nice and cool sport.
  • We successfully relocated to Netherlands and this was my dream when I was a kid. I also got a new job which it’s quite challenging right now and of course well paid! Hot smile

Plans for 2013

I have few plans for 2013 but I will do my best to accomplish them. First of all learn Dutch, you can easily live in Netherlands without speaking Dutch, but you will never be “part of it” if you know what I mean. Because I am good European citizen I don’t regret to learn a new European language, even if I can say already that Dutch is a pretty damn difficult language to learn. Smile

Move back to my blog and show a lot of Agile samples, complete my blog migration on WordPress because I am quite disappointed about Subtext roadmap at the moment.

Totally embrace Agile at my current employer.

Kite surf and be back to gym. Write my third book. Plus I have some private plans with my family that I can’t share with you… Smile

The plans over my blog will all be related to my new book, so you will be able to “taste” a little bit of it over my next blog’s posts. I got a free account on TFS 2012 and I am publishing all my projects over there so that anyone of you can simply go there and get the latest version of what’s available.

I am not sure yet, but I would like to re-start to speak at public conferences, I think the XP days would be a good re-start.

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