Hosting a 64 bit Operating system.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 2:27 PM

After all the rumors came up with Windows 7 RC and the new born Visual Studio 2010 and NET Framework 4.0 is necessary to download and test everything.

Unfortunately until today I was using Virtual PC 2007 x64 bit on a hosting Windows Ultimate x64. As you cannot imagine, this is not a 64-bit application. Yes Virtual PC 2007 has just the setup and the drivers for the 64 bit operating system but you cannot install a 64 host, also because it runs like a 32 bit application.

At the VMWare website I have found a 30 days evaluation of VMWare Desktop (the version 6.5. I am going to evaluate this product just because is the only one that allows me to run on a 64-bit system a 64-bit host (Windows 7 x64 with VS 2010 and NET 4).

The cost is not so high. If you are planning to have the full version, the price is 189 USD that in my opinion is not a huge price for what you have back.

You should consider it!

I know I should use for testing purpose my MSDN subscription and Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V but because I use a laptop with a remote Disk for the virtualization, a desktop solution, at the moment, is the best for me.

LetÂ’s see if VMWare can acquire a new customer!

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