First Kite-Surf lesson.

This week-end in Bermuda was a long one, because yesterday there was the Bermuda Day, so one more day to stay on the Beach.

Another interesting thing is that I have started my Kite-Surf course!! So in first I want to share with you some interesting photos, not anything amazing but something to start with.

First thing I can say to you, Man finally I have found some interesting guys where I can talk and stay on the week-end. Also most of them, incredible, are IT technician like me.
There are guys from all the part of the world, for example, one from Sweden, one from England, one from South Africa and more and more …

Let’s start with some information about kite-surf in Bermuda.

Where to play

As you know, Kite-surfer are not well viewed from other tourist or Beach consumer. One of the reason I think is because Kite-surfer stole a lot of space in the beach with their instruments and kites …
Another thing, in my opinion, because kite-surfer run very fast near the beach. But hey guys, I’m here to enjoy!!

So  in Bermuda there are a lot of amazing Beaches where you can take the sun, make snorkeling, but only two for Kite-surfing. The reasons are more than one. First you need good wind direction, Second you need a safe place to land, with no obstacles, no risk to your health, Third you need the only two beaches in Bermuda where Coral are less!

Somerset Long Bay Beach – is the most famous for the Kite-Surfer, at the end of the West cost of the Island in the Sandy’s Parish. Not easy to find, and this is another reason because I like this beach. For more details check the Map.

This beach is really quite, with a big place with green grass and trees, so if you want to relax after kiting, you can also take a sleep in this quite place. But not in Sunday where some People come to see the kite-surfers …

Elbow Beach – This beach is not so far from Long bay, but is in the warwick Parish. I have never been there so I cannot give you more info about. I’m really sorry.

Last one, Official School

Hey man, Kite-surfing is not for quite people I think. Also it’s a really dangerous sport if you don’t know everything in the right way. So, in first, you need an official instructor and an official instrumentation to be sure that you will not injury anytime. First – keep safe!

The Official school is Kio and you can go on their web-site and search for a close Teacher to you country.

Here in Bermuda you have to call Simon, is the only official one here, and He’s really cool.

Take care.

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