Find a Job in Bermuda.

One of the first duty you have to solve if you want to relocate in the Bermuda Island is to find a good Job. This is because the actual law in Bermuda say that “You cannot relocate in Bermuda before you have a work Permit, to obtain a work permit you must have an employer that asks the permit for you.”

In this post I want to help you giving some usefull Link regarding Web Portal where you can find job vacancies.

URL to Find a Job in Bermuda

The first one is, a very usefull web site where you can find updated job vacancies, job agencies and more. You can also find a usefull forum where you can find answer for your questions. Be aware because this service is not free. I have found job there, so for me, It works!

You can also find job here, in, one of the most popular web site ragarding the Bermudian Community. This is a free forum but It’s more difficult to find good Job!

Another interesting link is, a usefull Web Portal regarding Bermuda Life Style, Companies, and also Employeer agencies. You can find here a lot of informations regarding relocation and Job Search!!

In the next post I will say to you my personal experience with a Local Employeer agency and the fantastic Montreal’s girl who is in charge to relocate me. But everything the next time, so, stay tuned!!

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