Difference Clothing Pirces from Italy to BM

One thing that I want to describe It’s the large difference there’s from Italy to Bermuda regarding clothes Prices.

Yep It’ true. In Italy you can buy a new Shirt on Benetton for less than 20 USD, but I see that in Bermuda there is a Benetton shop that sell the same shirt at 200 USD!! Incredible.

Also for Jeans, for example, a Benetton or Levis jeans, you can buy in Italy in many discount sale for less than 50 USD, but in Bermuda I have found some Levis’s Jeans at 150 USD. So there are a lot of differences from Italy to Bermuda regarding clothes prices.

Unfortunately, regarding snickers, I have bought my Nike one, at 100 USD in Italy, but I have found the same model in Bermuda for less than 70 USD, so in my opinion, snickers are more cheap in Bermuda, maybe because BM is very near USA where nike It’s a cheap brand, I think.

The last very different behavior is that in Italy, shop sometime give you the invoice … this is a bad trend, but in Bermuda you MUST carry with you all the invoices of your stuff, so for an Italian man, this is a big issue, because here we don’t use to take invoices of our purchases.

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