Bye bye Morgana!

This is an off-topic post and I want to spend a space on my wall to my dog, the best “friend” I ever had in my life and probably the best I will ever have.

Morgana has been my dog since the end of 2001, as soon as I ended the school and I got the first job I left my parents house and I started to live with my actual wife. I always had the dream of having a Doberman and I decided with Debbie to go to a Doberman breeding farm and get one.

Morgana was there, in a corner, very shy. She didn’t want to leave the farm and at that time she probably didn’t like us at all; she was only 2 months old and we were taking her away from her mother …

After few weeks she got quickly used to us and I would say that we both felt in love. A love that never ended and that will never end.

I cannot tell you how many adventures and misadventures I had with my dog, you wouldn’t even imagine. I can just tell you that she was there when I got married, she was there when I lost my job and she was there when I left Italy to move to Bermuda! She was here in Bermuda and she was ready to come back with me in Italy when I lost my job in Bermuda 2 years ago. She has always been with me, she was part of the family!


Every person that met us (friends, parents, relatives or simply neighbors) knows how nice, sweet and smart Morgana was. She never gave us any problem, she was the perfect dog, the one that every person would like to have. The family dog, smart, sweet and dutiful but in the same time spiteful if I was not giving her the time she deserved!

Now she is not with us anymore, unfortunately. The pain is still big for me and I feel I am missing something now, like a piece of my life is now empty, gone. When I got her my father was not happy because he had a dog and he told me: “Raf, you can’t even imagine the pain you will have when your dog will die”  and he was absolutely right! The pain is a lot and I still do not know how to fill the gap she left.

I just want to write this post to remember her, to let her know that she will be always in my heart and that I will never, ever forget her!

Bye bye Morgana!

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