Books review: Scrum techniques.

Today it seems to be, for me, the day of the books review. The reason is because I am at home, for the Christmas holiday, and my wife is working.  This means “I have time to read my tech books and write some posts on my blog”.

What is scrum?

The scrum is an agile methodology used in software development. This is the description provided on Wikipedia:

“Scrum is an iterative incremental framework for managing complex work (such as new product development) commonly used with agile software development. Although the word is not an acronym, some companies implementing the process have been known to spell it with capital letters as SCRUM. This may be due to one of Ken Schwaber’s early papers, which capitalized SCRUM in the title.[1]

Although Scrum was intended for management of software development projects, it can be used to run software maintenance teams, or as a general project/program management approach.”

There are a lot of resources over the network and I can’t explain what is scrum and how it should be implemented in one post, for sure! But I have found a couple of really interesting books that you should read if you plan to adopt this technique in your IT Department.

Agile Software Development with Scrum.

Prentice Hall – Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle (45.99 USD)


Thanks to my boss, I had in my hands this book that is the first book written by Ken Schwaber, the author and founder of the Scrum technique.

The book is easy to read and distill both, practice and theory on how the Scrum methodology should be used and implemented.

A must to have for a software architect and for a project manager.

Agile Project Management with Scrum.

Microsoft – Ken Schwaber (39.99 USD)


This is the second book written by Ken Schwaber and in my opinion is another must to have! It is pretty clear, if you have already read the previous book, that in this book Ken will share all his experience in mentoring Scrum.

Easy to read and very well done, with samples and pictures (flowcharts) that will guide you through the process of learning and applying the Scrum technique in your daily routine.

Additional resources.

I am not going to enumerate the thousands of blogs and web sites that talk about Scrum but I have a friend of mine, that is not living anymore in Italy, that is a great Scrum master and has a blog where he talks only about Scrum, you can have a look at his blog here: Luca Minudel.

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