Big changes on my blog.

Hi everybody, I am writing this post to let you know that I am still alive and there are big changes coming in blog, soon. With soon I mean, probably, a couple of weeks.

The new version of Subtext, my blog engine, may be out soon and it will include many futures. The best one will be a search index engine, it should be Lucene.NET. In the meantime I am going to update my blog to the current available version, 2.1.2.

The second news is that my personal blog skin it’s pretty close to be ready. I worked hard on it and I can’t say anything yet but it will have an extensive use of the new JQuery application framework plus a nice search capability. More than that it will allow me to display better my posts and my tutorials. More space for the code and more space for the comments. I will also introduce a stronger captcha comment validation due to the huge amount of spam that I am receiving everyday on my blog.

I am also preparing a new section on my blog skin where you will be able to view the tutorials by category.

I got a lot of emails in the last month about the Prism Tutorial project, about the future of Entity Framework and also about an easy way for searching articles on my blog. Stay tuned guys, I am really working hard on it and you will have a nice surprise soon!

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