Bermuda relocation, fake expectations?

I want to post something about what you’re heard about Bermuda and a balance of wrong and true.

Bermuda is a bad move for your career?

Bermuda it used to be a halfway house on the road to professional oblivion for expat business types who were either tipsy or incompetent or both, but not any more. You can find very professional people in Accounting, IT and Financial area.

Everything is expensive?

Actually, also if we compare Bermuda to Europe after the Euro, Bermuda is merely expensive. A month rent for an house could be from 2000 to 20000 this is true, but with a salary of 6000 you can live good and save something, and the lowest rate salary here is 65000 USD annual.

Bermuda has racial problem?

First of all, is there any place without racial problem, come on!!
There are differences of opinion from race to race, this is true, and the black point of you is a little bit more expressed here. Nobody is disadvantaged economically and educationally or in access to complete healthcare.

Expact are third class citizens?

It could be for something, but not for your career. You can join financial companies here where all the management team is not Bermudans and also you can find good landlord that accept only expat people.
In another way you can find some places where if you aren’t Bermudans, you have to wait to be served.

Is Bermuda suitable for Gay?

Definitively I can say NO! I’m married and I’m getting in touch with a lot of local and expat people, but if I have to be honest, Gay here are not considered.
Homosexual behavior here was illegal until 10 years ago, yeah I’m saying illegal, so you can imagine how is the local culture about Gays.

What about the hurricane?

I came from Europe, Italy, and definitively we don’t have any Hurricane, Cyclone or stuff like that. Bermuda’s people for century have built houses and offices as if they were under constant cannon ball. The most hard was Fabian in 2004 and 4 people were killed, but Bertha this here has passed with a power of 1 and nothing has changed. I can say that here is more pretty safe and organized than in U.S.A. about hurricane.

Guys this is what I can say about my 4 months experience in this Island.
If want to ask me something more (I’m not an expert) contact me, maybe I can suggest you.

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