Bermuda Immigration, fantastic efficienty!

Friday, May 02, 2008 6:12 AM

As many of you know, I’m Italian and I’m relocated in Bermuda.

So I want to talk about the experience of obtain a work permit (temporary, for only 3 months) in Bermuda and what’s happen here in Italy!

In Bermuda you MUST have a work before ask for a work permit and also, you CANNOT ask for it, but your employer must ask for you. In my opinion, this is a very correct procedure, because in this way, Bermuda Government is able to control the Immigration flow. Very good.

What’s happen in Italy? In Italy many people from Africa and also from the South of Europe, come in without a work permit, but as a tourists, or completely illegal. After they are not able to find a job, because they have not a regular work permit for the Italy Government. So what’s happen? They MUST get money with illegal activities, like sell drugs, prostitution and more … So my question is?

Why Italian Government doesn’t learn from Bermuda Government? Maybe here in Italy we may have less criminality and much more ‘Clean’ People.

Another question is, Bermuda is a very small Island with a lot of Immigrant people, but they are able to leave a Work Permit in only 2 weeks!! This is fantastic because this mean that in Bermuda Office everyone make her job correctly and efficiently.

The same problem in Italy is not solvable. For example: I have a friend of mine that comes from Africa, and every year he has to go on the Italian Immigration Office and wait a lot of days, yeah a lot of days, on the street to take his turn to the office. So in those days you can find a lot of immigrant, sleep over the road and wait only to give a document to the Immigration office.

These two reasons make me very happy because now I’m in bermuda and I can stay in a more efficient Institutional Machine.

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