Bermuda Driving license.

Premise: if you come from Europe you will find this post very strange. The reason is that in Europe you can take an International driving license and use it where you want.

But not in Bermuda!! If you want to take a Bike (Motorbike) or a Car you have to get the local Driving license. In addition you have to take 4 steps to drive everything. The first one is for the 50cc bike, then 100cc, then Automatic car and finally manual car.

How to do it?

First you have to go to the TCD (Transport Control Department) and get the book (for only 3 USD) and a Form for your doctor (the local one …).

After this you have to pay around 60 USD to take the write exam on a computer, but the good thing is that if you mistake the exam you can retake it without paying anymore.

Now, at this point, you have to take the driving exam, but beware, because here is not like Europe, there aren’t driving school, so you need some local that give you his bike for a while to take practice and also, the driving test.

I will let you know when I will take my.

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