Bermuda and Electricity.

I guys finally I have some time to spent for you.
During this days I was and also I’m too busy so as you can imagine I have not time to blog.

Today I was to the Electricity Society for open my account. So if you are an emigrate you need:

  1. Passport Number and Passport copy
  2. Your landlord near you to sign the contract
  3. Your house contract

In 15 minute the company will sign you for a new contract.

Obviously because you are a non-bermudians customer you have to deposit 150.00 BDM that they will give you back when you will stop your contract.

But don’t worry about, because in Italy we have this also for Italian Citizens!!

For pay the bill you have more than one solutions, you can pay directly in the Company office, when you receive the bill (I suppose it’s monthly), or you can pay in a ATM or also you can achromatized the process with your bank account or finally you can pay every time via E-banking.

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