Beginning ASP.NET MVC

Beginning ASP.NET MVC is for developers who have .NET and ASP.NET experience, but want to enhance their level of knowledge and need to learn about the MVC framework. The book is simple and basic in its approach, because it allows readers to learn the concepts in a straightforward, uncomplicated way, but it still assumes a level of programming background and knowledge. This appeals to those who don’t want to get bogged down in learning ASP.NET, but need to know how to get the most out of ASP.NET MVC. The book covers all the main topics about ASP.NET MVC, and applies all of the latest Microsoft technologies to demonstrate the benefits of its usage. 

The book covers these key topics:

The concept of Test-Driven Development and unit testing
The principles of MVC pattern and the role of MVC pattern in TDD
An introduction to ASP.NET MVC and reasons to have such a new technology
How MVC pattern is implemented in ASP.NET MVC
A detailed discussion about the main elements of ASP.NET MVC including model, view, controller and routing
A detailed discussion about the main classes in ASP.NET MVC and how the abstraction and isolation is achieved for them
How to unit test an ASP.NET MVC application
Separate topics for authentication, authorization and AJAX
How to move from traditional ASP.NET webforms to ASP.NET MVC
Case studies to show the discussed topics in a practical and applicable way

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