Speaking about WPF in Bermuda. | Raffaeu’s blog

Last year in Bermuda we had a new born, a NET community. The community has been created by some locals companies to attract developers, architects and analyst; but also anybody passionate of development. You can check-out the web site here: http://www.dnug.bm/. This month I will have the opportunity to present my two books: Applied WPF… Continue reading Speaking about WPF in Bermuda. | Raffaeu’s blog

Bermuda and Electricity.

I guys finally I have some time to spent for you. During this days I was and also I’m too busy so as you can imagine I have not time to blog. Today I was to the Electricity Society for open my account. So if you are an emigrate you need: Passport Number and Passport… Continue reading Bermuda and Electricity.

Beginning ASP.NET MVC

Beginning ASP.NET MVC is for developers who have .NET and ASP.NET experience, but want to enhance their level of knowledge and need to learn about the MVC framework. The book is simple and basic in its approach, because it allows readers to learn the concepts in a straightforward, uncomplicated way, but it still assumes a… Continue reading Beginning ASP.NET MVC