Find a Job in Bermuda.

One of the first duty you have to solve if you want to relocate in the Bermuda Island is to find a good Job. This is because the actual law in Bermuda say that “You cannot relocate in Bermuda before you have a work Permit, to obtain a work permit you must have an employer… Continue reading Find a Job in Bermuda.

And finally I moved the two files

.jks and .csr into the config directory of elastic search and configured elastic search using the keystore password and the original certificate password. It worked like a charm and I didn’t need to send a .csr and import a .crt. “

Microsoft Office 2010 preview.

Today I have received an email from Microsoft Connect. Office 2010 suite is available for download. Of course is not a RC or RTM but just a beta preview of the final product. Available for download there are: Office Professional x32 and x64 Visio, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath and the new SharePoint Workspace x32 and x64… Continue reading Microsoft Office 2010 preview.