2 Years of blog.raffaeu.com.

Sunday, February 07, 2010 2:52 PM

Today it’s 2 years that I have opened my blog in English and it’s two years that I moved to Bermuda web site.

I should do some considerations about it but it’s not the right time for me so I will try to be as less negative as I can.

Job and career.

I moved here 2 years ago as a Senior Software Developer working for a public Company as the IT Manager. In this company I was in charge of the entire (small) IT department. Unfortunately, after the Market Crisis of the 2009 I was ‘convinced’ to look for another job.

Actually I am working as a ‘real software architect’ for a pretty cool company also in the re-insurance business. In this company I am using all my knowledge (design architectures, .NET, latest technologies like WCF, WPF, WF) and I have also the luckiness to have the opportunity to mentor my colleagues with a weekly workshop. Trust me, for a community addicted like me it’s a huge satisfaction!

I got some new Microsoft Certifications and I am working hard to gain the complete set of MCPD certifications too.

Moving to Bermuda web site.

Bermuda web site is a small Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The size is around 50Kmq and the population size is around 60,000 people, more or less.

After the ‘first year honeymoon’ the life starts to be really hard here.

Honestly, is not an easy place for a lot of reasons, especially for someone like me that is coming from one of the nicest place in the North of Italy, the Lake Maggiore and that likes a lot mountain activities like skiing and walking in the forest. What I miss in order of importance are:

  • Friends, friendship in Italy is very different than in any other country, trust me!
  • Food, also if me and my wife are decent cook, we still miss a lot of our traditional food here.
  • The environment. I miss the mountain, the snow, the lake and the quite winter we have in my town. I miss Milan and the shopping and I also miss the Switzerland where I spent the last 7 years.
  • NET Communities. Nothing like that in Bermuda web site, I also tried to open a workgroup a year ago but it seems to be a mission impossible.

Life is crazy expensive, just to give you a small idea, a normal rent is around 3, 4K a month and a decent dinner in a decent restaurant is around 150, 200 USD for two person.

Fortunately, I have here all my family (my wife, my sweetie dog and my cat) so I feel comfortable and for now I still don’t have the need to come back home; I also found some nice Italians friends that help me in the daily complains …


When I moved here two years ago I started an awesome sport called ‘Kite surfing’. Unfortunately, last year, I had a bad accident in Brazil, when I was on holiday with my wife, and I had a hernia surgery. After that I stopped to kite also because my wife won’t allow me to do that anymore.

The plan for this year is pretty ambitious but I won’t mention anything yet. I am just planning to write a lot, articles, online tutorials, book and more. Of course everything will be related to .NET 4.

My blog has now a small but really interesting average of 150 feed readers and an average of 200 visits per day with at least 1 daily feedback. Trust me, it’s a huge satisfaction especially when your readers send you e-mail for business requests.

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